[SOLVED] Erase all option missing in 7.32

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  • [SOLVED] Erase all option missing in 7.32

    Embedded studio version 5.70a has an "Erase All" option available in Project Options->J-Link->Erase All

    I do not see this in version 7.32. Is there another location where this option exists in 7.32? Thanks!
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Indeed the option went missing between versions.
    It should be reintroduced with the next Embedded Studio update.
    To get a notification when it is available you can subscribe here:

    Out of curiosity, could you elaborate your usecase?
    I assume you are doing some integrity checks in your firmware?
    If that is the case we recommend to work with an image fill value instead of doing a chip erase each time as this will be less tasking on your Flash memory than doing a chip erase every time.
    For more information see here:

    Best regards,
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