[SOLVED] Firmware stucks in OS_PutMailCond()

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    • [SOLVED] Firmware stucks in OS_PutMailCond()


      we have the problem that our firmware stucks in OS_PutMailCond() after running some hours. I have read following thread where the error description sounds quite similar.

      [SOLVED] Error in OSKern

      We have debugged the problem and found out that in the mailbox struct the pNext pointer of the WaitObj points to itself. Probably this causes the endless loop.

      Does anyone know what the problem could be or how it was solved in the other thread?

      We are using embos 4.16 for Cortex-M3 with gcc toolchain

    • Hello Sebastian,

      your embOS license should be still in support.
      Please get in contact with us and I am pretty sure we can solve that issue quickly.

      Best regards,
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