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    • Nuvoton And EmwinGui builder

      Hi everyone. I have a ili9341 driver tft lcd and m032kg nuvoton development board. I would like make a design with segger emwin gui builder and upload nuvoton board but there is no such example. Can you help with this problem? Thank you.
    • Hi,

      The controller ILI9341 is supported by GUIDRV_FlexColor. Specifically, it is supported by the module GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66709.

      Attached I have an example configuration for this module. You will need to adapt the read/write interface from/to the controller through the GUI_PORT_API. Once you have defined the routines that read and write from and to the display, you can adapt the display init sequence. Finally, you will need to initialize the display driver as it is done in the example configuration.

      Once emWin is fully function with your display, the next step is integration to AppWizard. This is done through a custom-defined BSP. Basically, you set up a project in an IDE of your choice that contains the configuration files you have defined for your display. You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create custom BSPs in the manual.

      Best regards,

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