[SOLVED] Ambiq Apollo3B not working properly with J-Link

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  • [SOLVED] Ambiq Apollo3B not working properly with J-Link

    - J-Flash V7.66a
    - Windows 10 Home
    - Target MCU: Ambiq Apollo3B(AMA3B1KK-KBR) EVB, SWD, 4000 KHz


    I'm using Ambiq Apollo3B EVB with J-Link.
    After erase device several times, it is no longer operation of erase and programming.
    As far as I know Apollo3B have secure bootloader area in flash.
    Is it possible the J-Link to erase it?

  • According to the log file, connecting to the core seems to work fine.
    No idea why the chips throws an error when J-Link triggers an erase…
    To analyze that, we would need to know what has been programmed into the flash (e.g. you could use the “savebin” command to create a dump)

    There might be a possibility to erase the chip via UART etc. as a fail-safe, but this is something you would need to contact Ambiq about.
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