[SOLVED] SystemView Crashes

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  • [SOLVED] SystemView Crashes

    Hi I am running a Nordic NRF52840 chip and using the Zephyr OS. If I connect SystemView while not much is happening on my board, then it runs fine. But the moment I start doing anything related to BLE the SystemView application just closes on my PC (windows 10). I am connected via a J-Trace Pro cortex M. I can open SystemView right back up, and connect back to my board, but the moment I do anything involving bluetooth your application closes abruptly.

    Another odd thing I see is that one of my ISRs shows a CPU usage much higher than 100%. Not sure if that is related. I will attach a picture of that so you can see.

    Other activity on my board does not seem to cause this crash.

    Any ideas.

    Zephyr has a lot of options related to tracing that I can configure, but I'm not sure if any will help, because I have no idea why your program is crashing.
    • tracing sytem view - context.png

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  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    There were a couple of these issues fixed in the last version.
    Could you please check if the issue persists in the latest version?
    You can download it here:

    Best regards,
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