[SOLVED] SystemView: total CPU load over 100%

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  • [SOLVED] SystemView: total CPU load over 100%

    Good day,

    I checked the forum for similar topics, but no answer was found. So I reopen it.

    I came across the fact that when analyzing the operation of the system, the total load is more than 100%.There are only three processes in the project: main, devices and data processing (process).

    How can you replace the load in the screenshot below is determined incorrectly. I assume that the idle time is the one miscalculated, because the data processing time coincides with my measurements (using 2methods: displayed the duration on the GPIO and using a DWT counter):

    I attach the recording file: cpu_load_over100.SVDat

    FreeRTOS version is 10.4.0.
    Patch applied manually.
    Systemview setting is standard.
    FreeROTS config: FreeRTOSConfig.zip

    Best regards,

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  • Hello Max,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Most likely the FreeRTOS configuration is not correct. Unfortunately FreeRTOS did not stay backwards compatible. The patch file we provide will only work with V10.0.0. Even V10.0.1 already needs another patch file...
    I found the following similar thread that shows a similar issue:
    [SOLVED] idle task with unrealistic high CPU load

    Does this solution work for you as well?

    Best regards,
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  • Hello, Nino

    Yes, I made those changes right away. Without them, I got a compilation error.

    But thanks for the link to the thread, I probably missed it when searching. She gave me a couple of thoughts, I want to check them. I'll supplement the answer a little later.
    Best regards,