[SOLVED] Cortex A-53 and J-Link and J-Flash

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  • [SOLVED] Cortex A-53 and J-Link and J-Flash


    I am trying to find the correct J-Link model to program external flash connected to NXP i.MX Mini DDR4 custom board. Currently, I have NXP i.MX Mini DDR4 EVK and J-Link Plus with me to test programming external flash. From the Segger website, I found that Cortex-A53 is supported by J-Link. I installed J-Flash software 6.84 (Latest release from Segger) but I dont see Cortex-A53 on it to create a project. Does segger J-Link Plus or any other model really support Cortex-A53 external flash programming? :)

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We are sorry for the delay in response. We have been very busy for the last weeks.

    We currently only provide debug support for Cortex-A53 devices.
    This is because 64 bit cores are not our main business, as > 90% of the users debug with a Linux on these devices and not bare-metal.

    We will add support at some point, but we cannot give a fixed timeline for it.
    What we can say is that this will not happen this year.

    Best regards,
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