emWin + AppWizard examples request

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    • emWin + AppWizard examples request


      My company is looking to implement emWin with the AppWizard GUI builder
      Where can I find example visual studio solutions using emWin with AppBuilder to display a GUI with navigation between different screens?

      I’ve checked out the directory that comes with emWin: SeggerEval_test\Sample\Tutorial
      But that directory only consists of low level snippets of code. I would like have a full example solution demonstrating navigation between different screens.

      Let me know and thanks,
    • Hi,

      please note that the AppWizard tool is only part of the emWin PRO shipment and not of the SEGGER evaluation software.

      Basic steps such as adding different screens to an application are explained in the accompanying documents like the manual or quick start guide.

      Best regards,