VNC send is not called

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    • VNC send is not called

      I have an "almost" working system with VNC server, using external Ethernet Wiznet module.
      All start working well, but at random, the send function is not called any more. I know that the Recv is working as the embedded device stil responses to mouse clicks on remote PC VNC client.
      It is also clear because setting a break point in the send() function does not hit.
      I have no idea why this error and how to debug as the

      GUI_VNC_Process(&_Context, _Send, _Recv, (void *)sock);

      function is pre compiled and all I do is provide the two functions send() recv() as callbacks.

      Any idea how to debug this? emWin version is 5.26 , STmicro version.
    • Hi,

      Indeed, without the source code this gets pretty hard to debug.

      Unfortunately, I have not a real idea why it stops working.

      Does the client still sends framebuffer update requests?
      The server sends data only on request.

      Which client are you using?