Issue displaying EmWin fonts with size large that 255

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  • Issue displaying EmWin fonts with size large that 255


    I have problems displaying fonts with size beyond 255 pixels.

    As the GUI_FONT structure has the YSize and the YDist vars declared as U8, when the size is beyond 255 the vars overflows
    and the text is displayed badly in the display.

    I think that these vars must be declared as U16 if I'm right.

    struct GUI_FONT {
    U8 YSize;
    U8 YDist;
    U8 XMag;
    U8 YMag;
    U8 Baseline;
    U8 LHeight; /* Height of a small lower case character (a,x) */
    U8 CHeight; /* Height of a small upper case character (A,X) */

    Is there one alternative way for display large text?

    Best regards
    • Text error.png

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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to use emWin fonts higher than 255 pixels.

    Regards, Jörg
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