With emWin 5.30 HEADER_SetBkColor doesn´t work anymore

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  • With emWin 5.30 HEADER_SetBkColor doesn´t work anymore

    Hello to all,

    In my application I used emWin 5.22.
    I have a ListView and I set the background color of its header with HEADER_SetBkColor(). Everything works fine, no problem.

    But with emWin 5.30 I am not able to set header background color with HEADER_SetBkColor anymore. The color is always black.
    It also does not work with GUI_SetBkColor() in the header callback routine.
    But setting the Header Text color works fine at the same places where I try to set the header background color.
    So why can I set the text color correct and one source line later setting the header background color does not work?
    And the same source code works without any problem wit emWin 5.22 ??

    Any help would be mauch appreciated

  • Problem solved

    Hello ,

    meanwhile I found the solution for my problem. :)
    In emWin 5.22 it was not critical when I used HEADER_SetBkColor outside of the callback function of the header. The header widget obviously kept this setting , when I did a GUI_Clear in the call back function the color set by HEADER_SetBkColor was used.

    However in emWin 5.30 this is different. Using HEADER_SetBkColor has no effect.
    I must use GUI_SetBkColor() before using GUI_Clear() in the callback routine to have the background color properly set.

    Thanks anyway