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  • Hello , I guess this is a simple task, however, I got to a trouble :) The .h file was added manually to the Dependencies of the main.c however, the program does not want to compile, so, it has to be removed. Does any of you have an ideas what would be the…
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    Replied to the thread [SOLVED] Glabal variables, new c files, etc.

    Hello Lucas, thank you for your reply, I have tried what you are suggesting to do, but no luck. Would you please say more about the second step? Namely where I find the "header file" that you are talking about here: #ifndef MAIN_H #define MAIN_H #ifdef…
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    Posted the thread [SOLVED] Glabal variables, new c files, etc.

    Hello all After several weeks of using the Segger EM studio and nRF52DK I have finally got to see some results ! Anyway, I have basic problems, I guess this is normal, as far as I have read about the global variables. For example, I have created the…