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    Replied to the thread STM32H723/33 Support.

    Thanks for your reply. It is an unpaid project at this point in time. We are testing and evaluating the Segger Tools/Middleware for a commercial product but have not purchased as of yet. I have been learning the Segger Tools with an STM32H745 dual-core…
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    Posted the thread STM32H723/33 Support.

    I have a NUCLEO-H723ZG board that I would like to test with Embedded Studio Pro and SEGGER Middleware. Do you have plans to add the STM32H723/33 parts to the STM32H7 Embedded Studio Support Package? Thanks and Best Regards.
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    Posted the thread Simultaneous IP over USB and Ethernet Port?.

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to configure IP over USB and also an Ethernet port driver simultaneously? It appears that IP_AddEtherInterface can be used for multiple interfaces but I wasn't sure if it could work with IP over USB? If both…