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    Replied to the thread SSD1963 in 8-bit Mode.

    Hi again and sorry for my late reply. Thank you for guidance. I'd used SSD1963 in 8 bit mode with "M24C0B8". In this mode we should use "PortAPI.pbWite8...", but I'd used "PortAPI.pbWrite16..." in "LCDConf_FlexColor.c" file. The problem was that and I…
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    Posted the thread SSD1963 in 8-bit Mode.

    * Hello I have a hardware with STM32F407 and SSD1963 to drive a 4.3 inch TFT display. The SSD1963 is connected to ARM with 8 data pins. It works well by FSMC peripheral and I can write or clear the TFT correctly. Now I want add emWin to my project. As…