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  • Update: The RTT TELNET port was indeed only available for localhost, even when Localhost only was not selected. This will be fixed with the next J-Link version (V7.80c) planned for the 27th of September. BR Fabian
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    Replied to the thread RTT viewer not in a web page.

    Hi, The RTT tab in the J-Link web control panel did not replace the RTT Viewer. It is just some additional feature for the web control panel and in no means designed to come close to the J-Link RTT Viewer. The J-Link RTT Viewer is still available as…
  • Hi, Did you add the required rules file to allow J-Links to be discovered via USB? If you have not added the 99-jlink.rules file (part of the J-Link Software Pack) to your linux system, you would have to call any application using the J-Link DLL (e.g.…
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    Replied to the thread [SOLVED] Setting breakpoint without halting target.

    Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. Hardware breakpoints (HW BP) on embedded devices are very limited. Thus, by default, the flash breakpoint (Flash BP) feature is enabled. From your description I would assume that you have set more BPs than HW BPs are…