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    Replied to the thread Atmel EDBG + JTAG = wrong disassembly (SAMA5D2).

    Hello, I noticed the problem with both Eclipse and VisualGDB. Switching to SWD solved the problem in both cases. I tried several recent versions of Jlink software and the result was the same - wrong endian instructions are displayed. It's not a big…
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    Posted the thread Atmel EDBG + JTAG = wrong disassembly (SAMA5D2).

    I have been playing around with a SAMA5D2 Xplained board. It seems that if EDBG is re-programmed as Jlink, code disassembly is treated as *big* endian by mistake when using JTAG. This results in 'garbage' instructions. SWD works fine (little endian…