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  • Barak14 -

    Replied to the thread [SOLVED] RTTViewer 6.52e Tab characters.

    Looks like this has been fixed in the latest beta version 6.53e. Thanks.
  • Barak14 -

    Posted the thread [SOLVED] RTTViewer 6.52e Tab characters.

    It looks as though v6.52e of RTTViewer cannot handle tab characters in the stream (\t). The results are undefined, as in the text may or may not appear. If I highlight the area on the rttviewer display I can copy it to a text editor and the data is all…
  • When I copy text off the current RTT viewer and attempt to paste it into a text editor i get weird characters visible. 0000:0150 33 0D 0A 0D 0A 4F 4B 0D - 0A  Any idea what could be causing the  character appearing between all…
  • Barak14 -

    Replied to the thread J-Link RTT Viewer Hangs.

    I think it means that it is receiving a non-ascii character in the stream - or interpreting it that way. I am using 6.50b and don't seem to see that issue - but i do have issues with attempting to use vt100 colour codes with rtt viewer showing WARNING:…