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  • vigneshm93 -

    Hi Nino
    I have a out file with all symbol and source file info in it
    Compiled using cmake, ccarm compiler
    I am able to see function names, but not able to view source files
    Also, I did not connect to target

    Please let me know how can I view source file for code implementation of the particular function

    Also, how to sync with target running code and my .out file

  • Eder.Rodrigues -

    Hi Nino,

    I have a JTAG Segger Jlink programmer and when I tried to use this programmer with Ozone I had problem and a message box appear with message below:
    "The connected J-Link is defective....
    Jlink information:
    S/N: 308622870
    Firmware: J-Link ARM V8 compiled Nov 28 2014 13:44:46"

    Best Regards

  • KumVikas -

    Hi Nino,

    I am facing an issue while Erasing and writing a memory using J link Base.

    Below is the Error I am facing while Erasing the chip before write.

    Sorry, no valid License for J-Flash Found. J link serial no is 50111543.

    Time limited Trial versions are available.