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  • Dave -

    Replied to the thread Halt in Ozone change ETM clock.

    Hello Nino, I try the .pex file in the trace example. This one works fine. MCK/2 for trace clock. But the pex file in the SEGGER\Ozone V2.60k\Devices\ATMEL\Atmel_SAME70.pex does MCK/4 for trace clock -> overflow. This is really tricky, because I am…
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    Posted the thread Halt in Ozone change ETM clock.

    Hello, I use the J-Trace Pro to trace a SAMe70q21 with Ozone. The trace clock is generated with the PMC_PCK[3] unit. After a few seconds I see trace overflow problems and trace clock is 25MHz. So I change the prescaler of PMC_PCK[3] to a trace clock of…