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    Currently i'm working on project with MPLAB IDE to develope GUI application and using Segger emwin Guilder to generate the screens. In segger emwin library which is available in MPLAB IDE, Button widget is only supporting bitmap images. i'm using bitmap converter application to generate source code for ICONs. The problem is bitmap images are consuming more memory. in my GUI application i have almost 30 screens to be implemented.i'm using PIC32MZ2025DAG176 controller which is having 2025KB of flash(about 99% of memory is consumed) and 32MB size of internal DDR(frame buffer). but for 5 screens only the complete memory is occupied. and as i observed JPEG images are consuming less memory tha bitmap images. but in segger library which is available in MPLAB IDE is not supporting any other format except bitmap for button widget.

    can you please help me to get out of this problem. thanks in advance.