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  • JackO -

    Replied to the thread GC9A01 Compatability.

    Hi Sven, I spent a few weeks debugging my code and trying to figure out what was wrong. I found a decent number of other changes I had to make but still no success. With the cache enabled, the screen was displaying a bunch of random garbage. After…
  • JackO -

    Replied to the thread Driver compatible with GC9A01?.

    @Berger Was any resolution reached for this? I have been trying to use emWIN with the GC9A01 controller with no success.
  • JackO -

    Posted the thread GC9A01 Compatability.

    Does emWIN work with the GC9A01 Driver? I am switching from a parallel screen to a 4-line SPI screen that uses the GC9A01 controller but so far have had no luck. I am using GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66709 with GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_M16C1B8 because there is no read…