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    Replied to the thread [CLOSED] SPI-DMA on RT1176 with embOS.

    Hello Michael, Thanks for your reply. Quote from SEGGER - Michael: “Are you using the iMXRT1176_M7_MIMXRT1170_EVK BSP from the embOS shipment, and are you calling dmaspi_example() from a task? ” Yes i use the iMXRT1176_M4_MIMXRT1170_EVK bsp. Yes i…
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    Posted the thread [CLOSED] SPI-DMA on RT1176 with embOS.

    1. Which embOS do you use? embOS with IAR workbench 8.50. 2. Which CPU and eval board do you use? NXP RT1176 with MxRT1170-EVK. NXP SDK2.9 Hello, I post here because i have a problem with the SPI-DMA associated with embOS in my…