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  • Marty-VB -

    Replied to the thread ATSAME51N19 SWO not working properly.

    Hi Nino, Thanks for your response. If I understand correctly the ATSAME51 isn't fully supported yet? I understand that it's hard to name a fixed time schedule. But do you have any idea how long it could take? (Days,weeks,months?) We are currently…
  • Marty-VB -

    Posted the thread ATSAME51N19 SWO not working properly.

    Hi all, I'm trying to get a decent SWO output from the ATSAME51N19A mcu I'm working with. So far it's not working like it should. I'm working with Microchip Studio V7.0.2542, CMSIS V5.4.0 and DFP 1.1.129 and 1.1.139 My debugger is a J-LINK Plus with a…