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    Replied to the thread [SOLVED] IMX8MPlus Cortex-M7 Support.

    Thanks for your speedy reply Fabian. I too fall into the category of people running Linux on the "big" cores and therefore don't expect J-Link support for those. But we are discussing using 1 (or perhaps 2) AXX-cores in an AMP solution and in that case…
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    Posted the thread [SOLVED] IMX8MPlus Cortex-M7 Support.

    Hi, I'm currently trying to connect to the Cortex-M7 module on the new (fresh out of the owen) IMX8MPlus SoC. I've been unsuccessful with the more generic approach of using Device "CORTEX-M7", JTAG & SWD interfaces: RESET (pin 15) high, but should be