embOS Cortex M3: strange crash at startup with 3.84.1

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  • embOS Cortex M3: strange crash at startup with 3.84.1


    We have another problem. Our firmware starts correctly with the embOS 3.82u (trial). In the same condition with the exactly the same code but with the version 3.84.1(trial) of embOS, the system crashes.

    We have the similar problem on two different platform based on cortex M3 micro controller (one with our own cortex M3 micro and the other one with a stellaris lm3s29d96).

    We checked the CSTAK size, and it seems like ok (CSTACK size 2Kbytes and less than of 1KBytes are used) ).

    int main(void) {
    OS_IncDI(); /* Initially disable interrupts */
    OS_InitKern(); /* Initialize OS */
    OS_InitHW(); /* Initialize Hardware for OS */

    //Start lepton kernel

    OS_Start(); /* Start multitasking */
    return 0;

    The system crashes after the OS_Start(). The systick handler is called and when the last assembler instruction is executed : POP {R0,PC} an exception handler is generated (UsageFault_Handler).

    The function "_start_kernel(0)" creates a file system in internal RAM, all tasks creation are disabled, but the crash is still there.

    For information the debug version of embos is used ( os7m_tl__dt.a) and we do not have any "OS_Error".

    We did try to move around _start_kernel(0) and try calling again OS_InitKern() to reinitialize the CSTACK without any success. (same crash).

    We could provide the source code, but the project is too large to post it in here.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Best Regards.