C stream

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  • hi ,

    1.i have created a C stream file from BMP , Using Bitmap convertor , With which function should i use in order to display it ?
    my goal is to create several C stream files , download them to external Flash (connected to the CPU via SPI) and to displayed them

    2.Does converting PNG to C stream , make Sense ?, from what i understand in order to displayed PNG i Need large amount of RAM , for Decompress Process , Because of that i Prefer to Avoid PNG function , and use Bitmap functions
  • Hello Eyeals,

    Since you intend to store the data in non-addressable memory the GUI_DrawStreamedBitmap...Ex() functions should be used. Please note that the ...Ex()-functions need an according GetData()-function to be implemented.

    If you decide to just store the BMP-data the function GUI_BMP_DrawEx() (non-addressable memory) should be used.

    Yes, using the Bitmap Converter to convert PNG-images to c stream makes sense for exactly the reason you already mentioned. This way RAM is saved, but of course the c stream data will occupy more of your external flash than the PNG data.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    Best regards,