PSOC6 - FreeRTOS project Segger Systemview Integration

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    • PSOC6 - FreeRTOS project Segger Systemview Integration

      Hi I had integrated the Segger Systeview for my psoc6 freertos project and was able to generate a Single Shot SVdat file.

      Unfortunately when i try to open this file with the Systemview , the tool crashes.

      Applied the FreeRTOS 10.4 patch manually and resolved all the build errors.

      System Configuration
      1. Free RTOS 10.3 used
      2. Configured PSOC6 Cortex M4 CPU at 100Mhz, and have configured the DWT Counter before called segger config and segger start api.
      3. Created 2 RTOS task - GPIO and UART Task - Both tasks are running without any issues

      Am i missing any configuration that needs to be done for the cortex-m4 controller

      requesting some feedback from the experts

      Thanks and Regards
      • test.SVdat

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      • test1.SVdat

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