J-Link BASE - Target consumption

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    • J-Link BASE - Target consumption


      J-Link BASE user here (HW Version 12, J-lInk software version 7.96b). We are looking after the target consumption feature of the J-Link to screen any board/assembly-level defect at device production. For this we use the hwinfo or showhwstatus command to fetch the ITarget value. The target is powered by the J-Link.

      However, we find that the value reported by those commands (and even the reported target consumption in the control panel) is all over the place. For a constant 5.7mA current drawn from the J-Link by the board (measured with a Keysight 34465A), the reported ITarget by hwinfo/showhwstatus is always 12mA. The control panel however shows different numbers: it is never steady and can go from 1mA to 10mA, as shown in the attached screenshot.

      We know SEGGER states that power profiling feature is available on ULTRA/PRO version of the J-Link, but we don't need that much resolution on the target consumption. It seems however that the values reported by the J-Link looks quite odd in the first place. Possibly a bug?

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    • Hello,

      The resolution that J-Link can measure is approximately 12mA, so the measurement may vary significantly when the target consumption is below that.

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