Disable-Force Bank2 Boot

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    • Disable-Force Bank2 Boot

      Hello, we have a JFlash Project for programming a STM32F437VH device.

      This has worked fine for a long time erasing flash and then programming and then booting from Bank0 (which as I understand is the only bank that could support booting - I don't think chip is dual bank (or doesn't have a bootloader version to support).

      Yet recently after programming it appears that the programmer is occasionally causing the chip to boot from 2nd bank causing it to crash.

      I'm thinking there must be some option to force or disable boot simular to ST-Link command BFB2=0.

      OR another thought.

      Maybe STM32F437VH doesn't support these banks
      (Bank 1 - OTP Memory)
      (Bank 2 - QSPI Flash)

      And therefore banks could be simply disabled.

      In which case I assume bank support was added for newer chips and the JLINK/JFLASH hasn't excluded them correctly for the STM32F437VH.

      Thanks for any support.