Get cpu cycles for a marker

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    • Get cpu cycles for a marker


      I'm trying to use SystemView to analyze the execution of some functions, and I've used markers before and after some function calls. I'm using SystemView 3.54 at the moment, and for those markers, I can only see that the functions ran for a specific period of time in us (screenshot attached).

      In some older versions of SystemView I've seen that there is also present the number of cpu cycles next to the time period of execution.

      Is there any settings that should be enabled in order to get that information for this version of SystemView and FreeRTOS 10.4?

      Thank you,
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      Hello Cosmin,

      Could you please clarify which exat version of SystemView has displayed the cycle counter?
      It is correct that only the run time and the run count is displayed sice the run time is much more meanigful than the cycle counter.

      Best regards,