Random J-Flash error

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  • Random J-Flash error


    I'm using two J-links and J-Flash to program a device on two different PCBs during manufacturing test. My hardware is set up per the J-Link manual (chapter 4) and the software that I'm using (TestStand) runs the JflashARM.exe in two different threads via a command line call. Occasionally, I'll receive an error message that on or the other threads can't access the J-link.ini file. My theory is that the two executables are occasionally trying to write to the ini file.

    Is this a valid theory?
    what is the .ini file used for ?
    Is there a way to stop the error from occuring?


    Steve M

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  • Hello Steve,

    J-Flash uses the .ini file to save the global settings and to remember
    the last project file used. In the case that you start two instances of
    J-Flash via commandline it is possible that both of them try to
    write to the .ini file at the same time to save the name of the project

    We will improve this behaviour in future releases.

    A good workaround for now is, to make a copy of the J-Flash folder and start
    the two instances from the different folders. This causes the two
    J-Flash to use different .ini files.

    Best regards,