Triggering a functional reset on a NXP S32K344 through JLink Commander

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    • Triggering a functional reset on a NXP S32K344 through JLink Commander

      I am trying to trigger a functional reset, rather than a destructive reset which is what the standard jlink commander reset function does, on a S32K344 NXP chip through a Jlink and Jlink Commander.
      Is this possible to do using only a jlink debugger connected to the MCU through SWD?

      The S32K3XX Reference manual calls out the MDMAPCTL registers SYSFUNCRST bit as a method to trigger a system functional reset. However attempting to use this register to trigger a functional reset has not been succeeding.
      There is also a table discussing "DAP master address mapping", can this be used along with the `readap` and `writeap` functions in jlink commander to create/verify a functional reset or is there another method to achieve this?
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      You can change the reset strategy used by the J-Link in the J-Link Commander with SetResetType.
      In your case, to switch to a software reset, it should be:
      exec SetResetType = 6

      For more information, please refer to:
      J-Link Reset Strategies

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