Formatting options have disappeared since 8.12... and GIT no longer works

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    • Formatting options have disappeared since 8.12... and GIT no longer works


      1) Since version V8.12 of "Segger IDE", the majority of text formatting options have disappeared (Options->Text Editor->Formatting).
      There are only three left:
      - Formatting Options
      - Formatting Style
      - Use .clang-format File

      Up to version V8.10d, I have access to more than 70 options (with the same settings).

      2) Since version V8.12, I no longer have access to the GIT management options from the "Project Items" panel...
      • V8.12.png

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      • V8.10d.png

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      • V8.12 GIT.png

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      • V8.10d GIT.png

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The built-in formatter is based on clang and as such supports all options available there. Previously most of these were listed each, but to support all current and future commands this was changed to the single "Formatting Options" setting. As written in the description, all available clang formatting commands may be used:

      The "Formatting Style" setting allows an easier selection to the predefined styles, e.g. Chromium, and also defines some custom styles.

      Based on the screenshots there are currently uncommitted changes in the V8.10d session, while V8.12 is in sync with the repository.
      This is the intended behavior, as the file may not be removed while there are pending changes, and there is of course nothing to compare/revert to without modifications.

      Best regards,
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