Refresh flashing how to avoid ?

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    • Refresh flashing how to avoid ?


      Our machine GUI uses emwin, and the whole window background window is the parent window
      The coordinates are A(A1-A5) and B on the right
      It's all use Framewin.
      Between A1 and A6, there is a gap of 1 pixel, so that there is naturally a background color as a dividing line

      Now there's a pop-up window, and when it opens, it's the part that covers A(A1-A5).
      When you close this large window, you can see the process of closing the window.
      And it feels like the background, a few Framewin refreshes cut the large window into several parts

      In the refresh of the main window, I will draw the background color the size of the A+B real screen (because the pop-up window will have residues)

      emwin5.48 version

      I can not use NUM_BUFFERS because of driver not ok

      if i remove A1-A5, no flashing

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    • Hi,

      What you are describing sounds like flickering, which is normal behavior when the display is updated frequently and there is no multi buffering or display cache enabled.

      Which display driver are you using? Some drivers support a caching mode that reduces the flickering.

      Alternatively, there is also caching handled by the window manager based on memory devices. This can be enabled by calling WM_SetCreateFlags(WM_CF_MEMDEV) after GUI_Init() and before creating any windows.

      Best regards,
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