Creating user flash algorithm options

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    • Creating user flash algorithm options

      Hello, some time ago there was some information on the Segger wiki about the open flashloader if you wanted to create a flash algorithm to use with JFlash. Now I'm seeing it says "not recommended, but still supported", and now we should use Segger Flash Loader, which is part of the expensive J-Link Device Support Kit. Is there really no way to add a device unless you buy this kit? I have a bad feeling that even if open flashloader is supported, it may disappear from JFlash someday.

      Specifically, I'm coming from P&E Micro. We use their flash programmer for development and production. We use it for the program flash on NXP Kinetis and Rensas RA devices, but we also use it for programming external memories. They provide enough documentation to show the format for their algorithm files for developing your own algorithms, and using the development tools I wrote our own routines in assembly to initialize the SPI interface and program the external SPI memory. Is there any documentation available to do something similar for JFlash? It's kind of a pain when we're debugging and we have to keep switching back and forth between the two pods to program the external memory with the P&E and then debug using Segger. Unfortunately, the development tools for the Renesas don't support debugging with the P&E.
    • Sorry for the delay in response.
      We have no intentions to remove the open flash loader (OFL) support.
      We also do and will continue to support CMSIS algorithms, as stated here:
      (The SEGGER flash loaders provide more optimizations over the OFL and CMSIS, so are usually faster)

      The price for the DSK is more a compensation for support + to make sure that it does not end up in "the wrong hands".

      dsherman28 wrote:

      Unfortunately, the development tools for the Renesas don't support debugging with the P&E.
      Just in case: Are you aware of Ozone and ever tried it out?
      If yes: What's your feedback on this?

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