J-LInk EraseChip function stopped working ('Failed to erase chip')

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    • J-LInk EraseChip function stopped working ('Failed to erase chip')

      Hello, we have been using J-Link SDK for automated tests for years and now we started getting 'Failed to erase chip' every now and then. We run dozens of test procedures every night and we erase the chip before each test run. Most of the time the fix was to unplug and plug back the ribbon cable from the PCB. It slowly got to a state where nothing helps. Flashing the MCU works just fine, it is just the erasing that fails.

      Probe: J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M processors,
      MCU: Analog Devices ADUCM362,
      J-Link SDK: JLink_Windows_SDK_V788n.

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      Does the problem also occur with the latest version, V7.96k?

      If the problem still occurs, could you please create and send one J-Link log file of the failing scenario as well as one of the good case?
      How to enable: Enable J-Link Log File

      Best regards,
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