Upload failed when Read-Mode-Write is executed

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    • Upload failed when Read-Mode-Write is executed

      I have an issue trying to upload a code lower than the Read Modify Write threshold.
      In this case the new code is not loaded.
      It looks that Modify step is not performed.

      I have custom RISCV device.
      I'm using Jlink tools 7.96e (same issue with 7.96j)
      The issue is seen when using Jlink direct driver or JLink with GDB Server.

      I have modified my custom flash loader to force the write (by making the verify operation returning false).
      Debug shows that the code sends to the device is the former one. In other word the "Modify" part of the algorithm is not performed.

      Looking that there is something wrong with the cache initialization.

      If I change the RMW threshold to a lower value or increase the code size to make RMW algorithm not running there is no issue and the new code is properly uploaded.

      Attached is the log with the correct flashloader.

      Does anyone have same issue with RMW ?

      • segger_log.txt

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