the gnu linker bug for new version of segger

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    • the gnu linker bug for new version of segger

      now i am use the segger studio of v7.3. the gnu linker is used for cortex-m33 but this is some error like "prinops.c:(.text.libc.vfprintf_l+0x5c): undefined reference to `__SEGGER_RTL_vfprintf'".
      and segger linker is ok。
      how to solver this problem for gnu linker ? :thumbup:
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      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Most likely the library I/O type is not correctly set in the project.
      Please take a look here for more information:

      Best regards,
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      thank your reply.

      you,re right. According to the documentation, SEGGER_RTT_printf can be used. But there,re two question。

      One problem is that the current SEGGER_RTT_printf formatting output has too many restrictions (such as outputting long long), and the application is not compatible with the previous one as below.

      * SEGGER_RTT_printf
      * Function description
      * Stores a formatted string in SEGGER RTT control block.
      * This data is read by the host.
      * Parameters
      * BufferIndex Index of "Up"-buffer to be used. (e.g. 0 for "Terminal")
      * sFormat Pointer to format string, followed by the arguments for conversion
      * Return values
      * >= 0: Number of bytes which have been stored in the "Up"-buffer.
      * < 0: Error
      * Notes
      * (1) Conversion specifications have following syntax:
      * %[flags][FieldWidth][.Precision]ConversionSpecifier
      * (2) Supported flags:
      * -: Left justify within the field width
      * +: Always print sign extension for signed conversions
      * 0: Pad with 0 instead of spaces. Ignored when using '-'-flag or precision
      * Supported conversion specifiers:
      * c: Print the argument as one char
      * d: Print the argument as a signed integer
      * u: Print the argument as an unsigned integer
      * x: Print the argument as an hexadecimal integer
      * s: Print the string pointed to by the argument
      * p: Print the argument as an 8-digit hexadecimal integer. (Argument shall be a pointer to void.)

      The second problem is that there is no sprinf function?