[SOLVED] JLink firmware and support/maintenance periods

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  • [SOLVED] JLink firmware and support/maintenance periods

    We recently ran into an issue and when searching found this thread: [SOLVED] old firmware module that does not handle I/D-cache correctly

    All of our units that we've looked at so far have host/emu FW 2022 Sep 22 15:00, despite some of these units being quite old now. What determines the latest firmware that a JLink Ultra+ / Plu / Pro can run? and is there any way to get updated firmware for these units? Additionally is there a change log which we can use to work out what changes have been added and what problems our older units might encounter.

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    When a new version of a J-Link is published, the old version usually continues receiving firmware updates for a few years.
    After this life cycle, the firmware updates are no longer developed, and therefore you can't update them anymore.

    You can find the changelog of our firmware here:
    Release Notes - J-Link

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