[SOLVED] J-Trace Pro not functioning correctly over USB

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  • [SOLVED] J-Trace Pro not functioning correctly over USB

    When I connect my J-Trace Pro Cortex to my Windows 10 PC, the device enumerates correctly and loads the WinUSB driver for it. It shows up as "J-Trace PRO" under "Universal Serial Bus devices" in device manager. When I open J-Link Commander I get the following messages:

    Connecting to J-Link via USB...Out of sync , resynchronizing... Out of sync , resynchronizing... Out of sync , resynchronizing... FAILED: Cannot connect to J-Link

    I've tried on three different Windows 10 PCs and with two different USB-SS cables, and one regular USB cable. I can connect to it over ethernet, and everything works fine, except for the attached message when I first connect to it in Microchip Studio:

    Device: R7S921040VCBG_SPIBSC_OctaFlash: Flash bank 0x30000000: No loader specified

    I have never used a Renesas RZ/A2M CPU, and there isn't one inside the J-Trace Pro (as far as I can see...) so where is that coming from? I use Microchip/Atmel CPUs almost exclusively, currently using it with ATSAMV71.

    I hope someone can help me fix this, because I really do not want to spend USD$2,400 to replace it after owning it for only 3 years. I'm certain it was working fine the last time I used it in 2023. I've updated the firmware (over ethernet) to Firmware build: May 15 2024 13:31:01 with no improvement.
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  • Can you please PM me the S/N of your J-Trace unit?
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