TLE9893-2QKW62S SystemView high frequency event tracking

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    • TLE9893-2QKW62S SystemView high frequency event tracking

      Hello Team,

      Setup Details
      Controller : TLE9893-2QKW62S
      Tool: SEGGER SystemView
      Debugger : Segger JLink Ultra+

      Tool Versions
      SEGGER SystemView : V3.52a

      Controller Freq : 60 MHz
      Interface Speed : Tried with multile speed values (4 MHz to 50 MHz) in Recorder configuration.

      Tracked events details
      ISR_A: 50 micro sec frequency
      ISR_B: 100 micro sec frequency
      ISR_C: 1 milli sec frequency
      ISR_SYSTICK : 1 milli sec frequency
      Task_A: 1 milli sec frequency
      Task_B: 10 milli sec frequency

      Code Reference
      We integrated same code present in the downloaded tool's src folder.

      We are facing sporadic issues and not able to do tracking as needed.
      Below are some of our observations:

      When tracking only Task_A, Task_B and SYSTICK:
      Everything is working fine no issues observed.

      When tracking Task_A, Task_B and ISR_B:
      Sporadic issues observed like:
      - Unwanted ISRs and Tasks showing in the systemview timeline
      - Overflow event warnings
      - Error detection warnings

      We tried below sizes expecting to solve the issue but it did not work:
      - SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RTT_BUFFER_SIZE --> set to 2048, 4096, 8192

      Could you please support us below open Points
      - Why peak throughput not reaching Segger JLink Ultra+ supported frequency? Download speed up to 4 MB/s
      - What does this Error -140 mean in Log window and what could be reason for it?
      - Is system view capable of tracking events that occur at 50 micro second frequency? what is min frequency of events that sytemview can handle and how long?