J-Link Boot Mode Switching

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    • J-Link Boot Mode Switching


      I am working on automating several hardware tests to run overnight and have encountered an issue with automating my J-Link. For these tests, I need to switch between the two boot modes (J-Link and CMSIS-DAP) since both are required at different stages.

      Could you please advise on how to automate the switching of boot modes? I would like to know if it is possible to change the boot mode using the J-Link Commander or the J-Link Configurator via the command line. If so, what commands or steps should I follow?

      Additionally, I understand that a power cycle is necessary after changing the boot mode, and I have an automatic switch in place to handle this.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Pedro,

      What unit do you use?
      (Can you please PM me the S/N?)

      There is currently no official way to do this via J-Link Commander but we should be able to add something like that.
      Way easier than adding a whole command line handling to a heavy, almost GUI-only utility like the Configurator.

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