[SOLVED] Failed to get index for device name

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  • [SOLVED] Failed to get index for device name


    I am using J-Trace Pro. This is a new project and I tried to build the connection with STM32U5G9J-DK1. The MCU of this DK is STM32U5G9NJH6Q . I also tried a normal J-link and it shows the same msg. I can program this board using STLink3 on the same connector. Please advise,

    Connecting to J-Link...
    J-Link is connected.
    Failed to get index for device name 'STM32U5G9NJ'.GDBServer will be closed...
    Shutting down...
    Could not connect to target.
    Please check power, connection and settings.
  • New

    The issue was solved.

    It is not J-link, but CubeIDE. The latest CubeIDE embedded a pretty old J-link driver, which was too old to support the very new MCU. I had natively thought the IDE driver would be automatically updated while the latest J-link program is been installing.

    Works perfectly after manually overwriting the cubeide j-link folder.