How to remove Library Paths from project's .elf file

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    • How to remove Library Paths from project's .elf file



      when I build my project with Segger embedded studio the produced .elf file also includes the SDK library paths.
      I want the paths not to be visible/ written in the .elf file.
      I want to be used (obviously) but not displayed in .elf file after building the project because I want to share my .elf file
      with other people.

      So, I was wondering if there is some configuration in Segger Embedded studio that does that
      Any ideas?
      Thank you
    • New

      ELF is basically the debug format, i.e. contains all the information for debugging (with the respective flags enabled).

      Why not doing a post-build step, and convert the ELF output into an *.HEX or *.SREC file ?
      These formats contain nothing but the actual code + const data.
      Segger's objcopy tool (part of the binutils) could do that, for instance.