AppWizard Inside Single Screen creating object or windows have any limitation ???

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    • AppWizard Inside Single Screen creating object or windows have any limitation ???

      Hi guys ,

      In my project I am created only 1 screen .

      Inside that screen I am create more then 1000+ object and more windows .

      certain level I try to create object like image or text inside that Screen that time app-wizard closed automatically .

      It is not allow to create new object .

      So is there any limitation is there ?.

      Is there means how to increase limit or what is the solution for that issue ?

      If anyone know please give your valuable ideas to fix this problem.

      Thanks advance

    • Hi Ravi,

      There is no such limitation. However, hundreds or even thousands of widgets on the same screen will have a big impact on performance. Because all the widgets that are visible will be drawn, so this will have huge impact on performance. In the PC environment, and on the hardware target this would be even more noticeable.

      Could you go a bit more into detail about what you are trying to do? I'm sure we can find a way that isn't so resource-heavy.

      Best regards,
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    • Hi Florian ,

      Thanks for your replay ,

      I attached the image for your reference. i need to keep few button and message display window static. Only center window change based on the operation flow .So I created one Screen and created 3 static windows center window I created more based on the button press I changed center window visibility .Now certain level I am not able to create objects.

      If I create more number of windows and object in single screen make any problem ?.

      If Yes what is the solution for this problem .Please give ideas .

      Mainly I am going for this design for example if i created multiple screen i need to create left side button and top and bottom side object once again all screen because of that duplication I plan this way.

      Please give your Ideas Florian .

      Thanks & Regard

    • Hi Florian ,

      Any solution for this issue ?

      Because of this single screen 100+ window concept or not .my display Initial load takes more then a minute.

      So if you have any idea pls let me know .

      Thanks & Regard


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