[SOLVED] Chip ID override

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  • [SOLVED] Chip ID override

    I'm using jlink Plus with Microchip atsamD21 using their studio debugging IDE. Due to the recent shortage of chips we have to use a variety of versions of this chip. We use D21E16B, D21E17A, and D21E17D. The firmware was written to work on all three versions and works just fine. My problem is in debugging, sometimes I need to debug a 17D, sometimes a 17A, and sometimes a 16B. Microchip does not make it easy to switch the chip type, it reloads a new set of libraries every time. When I activate the debug mode the chip ID is read to ensure the correct chip. However in my situation I would like to override this, and use only a single chip id. Is this possible?

  • That’s not how J-Link is intended to work.
    Nope, there is no possibility doing what you plan to do, with the available script etc. APIs.

    We strongly recommend to not further pursue this path but select the correct device in the IDE.
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