How to reset target from JLINK script?

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    • How to reset target from JLINK script?

      I'm writing a JLINK script including the function SetupTarget().
      From within this function I need to reset and halt the target in order to check lock state of flash and if needed to unlock the flash.
      Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a reset function available.
      I expected a function like

      Essentially it should execute the standard reset, same as when using command "Reset" in the JLINK console.

      Is there such a function?
      Thank you

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    • There is no “reset” API function available from within a script file because the reset itself may call script file functions like BeforeReset(), AfterReset() and ResetTarget().

      What core are you working on?
      Cortex-M…, Cortex-A…, RISC-V, …?
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    • Ok, thank you for your answer.
      I'm working with risc-v. I wanted to do standard reset using DMCONTROL.ndmreset. I can always do that manually by directly programming DMCONTROL. But using a simple reset function would have been nice. Even when implementing the ResetTarget() function it would be nice if it's possible to call the standard reset function from within ResetTarget(). Like this:

      Reset(); // do standard built-in ndmreset

      But thanks again for your answer.