[SOLVED] SES 8.10c Can't find source file

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  • In the absence of more detailed information ...
    How about just un-checking the "Show this dialog the next time" checkbox on the left side ?

    Obviously, some user has or had installed something in this directory, or a directory with this name, and this file is gone now.
    Did you copy the project from another location, i.e. another PC ?

    I would check the "project explorer" window or the project options for this file, and probably remove it from there.
    It is best to avoid absolute paths in project settings in general.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    As Frank stated the file is one way or another in your project under that path.
    If I had to guess you moved the project from one PC to another. So if you use absolute paths for your files that pup up will appear.

    To avoid this either use relative paths in your projects or un-check the "Show this dialog the next time" in the pop up. Then the warning message should no longer show up for this file.

    Best regards,
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