[ABANDONED] Problem with C++ and

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  • [ABANDONED] Problem with C++ and

    I have a J-Link Mini and I want to test my application using Ozone. However, I encounter an issue: as soon as I derive a class in C++, all values of the derivation are shown as "<outofscope>".
    This makes Ozone practically unusable for me. Interestingly, I can easily view these values when debugging with PlatformIO. Also, friends of mine who also have a J-Link report the same issue. Frankly, I can't imagine that Ozone wouldn't be capable of handling such a thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this issue?
  • Hi Traxanos,

    we are not aware of such an issue.

    Which Ozone version are you using? Could you please check if the issue is reproducible on the latest Ozone release (V3.32a)?

    Could you please check if your build environment is set-up such that all debug information is created and written into the ELF file?

    Could you please check if optimization is enabled and see if you can reproduce the issue with optimization being disabled?

    Could you please provide details on the tool chain you are using for creating the ELF file?

    Could you provide a reproducer project allowing us to reproduce the issue locally? We'd require the Ozone project, the ELF file and detailed information on the steps to be conducted in order to reproduce the issue.

    Best regards
    -- AlexD
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