GUI_GIF_DrawEx is not working

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    • GUI_GIF_DrawEx is not working

      I have observed that the _GetData(void *p, const U8**pData, Unsigned NumBytes, U32 off); callback function is not working.
      Below is the code I am using:
      f_open and f_read are working fine.
      The gif file size is 330Kbyte size.

      code is attached as image

      The APP_GetData() is getting called only once.
      I tried reducing the acBuffer[] size to 512 bytes but nochange.
      In debug mode I observed that this APP_GetData() iscalled only once.
      Temporary check:
      I have splitted the GIF animation file into subfiles inmy local PC and stored them into SD card (16GB size).
      Each gif file size is 3KB to 10KB and I calledGUI_ANIM_Create() and GUI_ANIM_AddItem() and able to create the animation butits not that smooth as expected.
      For this API I am able to see the callback function givenin GUI_ANIM_AddItem() is getting called.
      I am not sure what difference I am doing when I callAPP_GetData().
      • emwin_issue.png

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    • Hi,

      It seems like you make no use of the "Off" parameter. It is crucial that you set the file pointer to the given offset, before reading any file data to the buffer.

      What happens if you do that in your _GetData routine?

      Best regards,
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